Cars for sale

These are the current projects that are available at the moment.

1967 volvo 142 rally car   

My own rally car which I have used for one rally ,Tulip Rally 2016 

Excellent car for these type of rallies and also for Endurance rallies 

The road holding of this car is excellent.


B 18 Sport engine ,ca 115 bhp , 2 SU and extractor exhaust.

Aluminum timing gear ,new 

New built head 42/36 mm valve

K cam new

New bearings 

Sachs clutch

Operated oil pump

New radiator 

New brakes calipers,discs all round .


M 40 with a 4,1 non LSD rear axle 


Full rally suspension. Bilstein 

Bushings ,springs and Special Bilstein all new.

All bushings steering arm etc new.

142 GT instruments,overhauled. 

2 Momo red racing seats .

Yes i am interested in this car

1974 volvo 142 rally car    SOLD !!   SOLD!!

1974 Volvo 142 built for Endurance rallies ,it is not a road car with a rally suspension 

Will do any type of rallies ,the rougher the better .

It is a copy of the 142 which I built for Tony Fall in 94.

5th overall on the London Mexico rally .

Today rallied by José de Sousa and his wife with close to 160 000 km in rallying 


Rust free body . The car was not built by me,I purchased this car after it had done 1 winter of ice driving. I have thereafter modified the car to my standard

Sold of engine/gearbox / rear-axle. 

Strengthened as required for these types of rallies

Full roll cage , not FIA 

80 liters aluminium petrol tank ,new

2 petrol pumps ,new

4 filters 

Lines inside 

New radiator


Full rally suspension ,new

Strengthened x member, wishbones 

All new brake system . 300 km . Calipers and discs

Everything in steering new ,300 km

Steel 6x15 wheels ,6 in total


B 20 full rally engine ,2000 cc with Mahle pistons 

Special endurance camshaft

Steel camshaft gear .

Completely overhauled 

140 +. bhp on 2 x45 Webers 

4/2/1 header.

Bosch Distributor ,overhauled.


All new M 46 gearbox with the strengthened overdrive section

New Sachs 240 Turbo clutch 

Rear axle  

New 4,1 : 1. R&P with an LSD .

Yes i am interested in this car

1968 volvo amazon rally car  ( will be used for the P2P rally 2022 )

I built this Amazon for my own use for the Peking to Paris rally in 2019.

The build is based on my own East African  Safari Rally Amazon and the work cars in the period .

Joginder Singh advice on building rally cars is in this car.

This is the 26th Volvo rally car I have built.

All this experience has been built into this car.

It was built to win the P2P rally 

Everything on this car is new .

I do not know how to improve this car for a Endurance rally 


Rust free or as rust free as a 50 years car can be

Strengthened all over, all suspension pick up points 

Chassis legs , rear chassis legs 

Full roll cage 

Jack points built into the sills 


Full Safari Rally suspension. + 1" taller than the normal rally suspension and softer 


4 disc brakes all new 

No servo 

Length of brake pedal extended by 5 cm ,to increase line pressure

All bushing are new

All steering details are new

6 steel 6X15 wheels 


All new special engine for Endurance rallies , longer stroke 

42/37 valves 

2x 45 webers 

8 bolt crankshaft.

B 230 rods.

JE special Pistons ,ceramic coated tops 

Special Endurance camshaft.

Remote oil filter and oil cooler 

Bosch distributor modified for rallying ,ventilated.

140 bhp with good torque .  A lot more to get out of this engine if needed


Ford T 9 gearbox ,overhauled ,modified. Ventilated 

Sachs Volvo 240 Turbo clutch

Rear axle 

Volvo 240 Turbo rear axle with a competition LSD  4,56 :1 

Fuel system

80 l safety tank ,not new

2 electrical fuel pumps Each pump has its own fuse/relay /switch 

4 filters 


Volvo radiator 

Volvo electrical fan 

Special modified thermostat and cooling system 

Yes i am interested in this car